So many books get through. If you don’t have a cross between excitement and anxiety at that then I think you must be doing it wrong. “Why don’t you just live, man?” What do you mean by live? Living to me is talking and listening to others talk, and I try to find the best ones to listen to.

If you’re obsessed with similar things that I am and want to stay on the same page as me, the books I’m getting through at the moment, as a refresher, are the cyrillic ones that they don’t want people reading in Russia – Laitman, Platonov, Hodos. These are peak truth-serum texts. Hodos makes me mad. Even though he seems to be one of the rare traitors who is on our side, just giving me some idea of how they think behind the scenes pisses me off, and I appreciate that. Definitely books for the “philosophy as maximum abstraction” file. For spergs ONLY. Netflix for the fools, who are content living in “their” lifeworld. You shouldn’t be content, you should listen to the best, then you can be like God and create your own world. “That sounds kind of Satanic to me, don’t we have all those myths against that for a reason?” Whatever suits you. Buying BGE off ebay when I was 17 probably just says what kind of person I am, who I can’t change, and maybe you’re a humble lamb who baa’s pleasantly at their shepherd. That’s not me, I don’t want to roam a pasture until I’m eaten. I’m more of a wolf that likes to feast on lambs, and ideally the shepherd. Tasty snack, there will be nothing left except the shoes, and maybe a gold tooth.

Oh great I just found another enticing read

Babylon’s Banksters by that Joseph Farrell who theorizes about breakaway-societies, secret space programs, and high-tech methods of contacting demons, in times like these you’re either wearing a yarmulke or a tinfoil hat, now choose. No, I don’t have a strong conviction in any of those three things, sometimes I do wonder though. Speaking of tinfoil hats, it’s still up in the air in my opinion whether they use satellites to beam rays into the heads of targeted individuals.

Just don’t wonder about this stuff

Quantum physics is the finale of science, we live at the End of History didn’tcha know?

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