I don’t deny the possibility

In the video on youtube (many of which have been deleted) there were many excerpts from Michael Laitman’s conversations, where he admits that purebred Jews are chosen before all other peoples and that goyim (non-Jews) or non-purebloods are not able to understand Kabbalah. 

I don’t deny the possibility

Thousands of years of wealth doesn’t necessarily lead to refined spirituality, it certainly could help though. Farmers don’t have the freetime for mysticism. They have more than hunter-gatherers, not as much as bankers. It’s a question of whether that money-caste focused on gathering more capital or union with God – probably both. Goys should try to wonder about these things without ressentiment. Trying to be objective, I’d have to ask if a people with such a capital-fixation would be able to create a pinnacle system of mysticism. Then the other side of that, one might think of St. Francis, the wandering beggar monk, or even homeless schizophrenics. They might be closer to God, and then they starve to death, and their line ends with them. We’re just talking about the philosophy of religion here and the history of economics, and you might starve to death if you ask certain questions, about the merits of Jewish spirituality, say. Liberals love those interreligious dialogues – do tell??

This seems to be the case

Mercy, and if that doesn’t work? Because it clearly doesn’t work.

Anyway, just trying to understand them in the meantime

To my knowledge, Shamir, Laitman, and Hodos are historical figures. Unless you know some other than them who defy the Talmud? I would characterize some Straussians as similar to them, though they never touch on the JQ itself. The history of capital is simultaneously the history of esotericism.

Hmm, first time I’m hearing of this book- and having trouble finding on google

I’m finding that the Talmud was first translated into German in 1842 – and… less than a hundred years later…

I don’t trust this, obviously. I don’t even trust the most modern translations. Maybe if Shamir did it himself. Hidin’ rabbis.

All these people wanted to exotericize their esotericism

Nearly two centuries later and they still don’t know.

Some evidence for my suspicions?

Sorry dude, I like to study esotericism, and some of the most interesting things you can find on that subject happen to pertain to.. Hyksos, Egibis, Radhanites, KGB, CIA, CNN, BIS, ee tee see. Aren’t you glad I didn’t say the word “Jew”, what’s with the aversion, is it a swear-word or something?

Strange, that. Especially in this context

Care to explain?

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