Are you pilpulpilled?

“NO, visiting your site makes me need to take actual pills!”

It’s the seasoned pupils of pilpul at our pulpits that convince people to happily volunteer for something like this

Think of football, of linemen, they sustain the worst brain-damage – they intend a cessation of thought, they want to remove what separates us from the animals, they want to make it easier for you to draw a blank. Pilpul is nonsensical. It naturally causes question marks to arise in the mind. They don’t want those to arise, and if they do arise they want to be able to respond with more nonsensical pilpul so that you draw a blank. They’re already extremely effective at this now. This is another way to get to the heart of the Athens versus Jerusalem debate- the former is based on logic, the latter faith. They’re so frenetic about the browning of America because they see too many signs that people are skeptical of their pilpul. They want “born-again” fundamentalist behavior from the laity. They want us to be “born again” as non-whites who believe what they’re told without having to worry about those pestilential question marks rising in our minds. They already secure this through our education system for the most part- not many escape from that. They want zero escapees. What people with nearly absolute power want is, you guessed it, absolute power. Think of pilpul as a sorcery of silencing- they say the magic words to make you shut up, and they slant in such a way that you draw a blank. Spend some time with the Greeks and you might surmise that a more natural state prior to their decades of propaganda reacts in rebellion to their empty words. People with this questioning attitude of course are silenced in other ways, firing, banning, sanctions. It’s mostly shaming, how it works. It uses its inherited rabbinical tendencies to exploit our inherited Christian tendencies- they indebt us with guilt for non-existent sins and attempt to pilpul us into repentance.

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