From Babylon’s Banksters

“The Romans enslaved us!!”

Farrell goes on to say that Attila the Hun’s invasion forced them to flee north to Venice, which might give us some background information on the famous play.

People like Murdoch and Zuckerberg probably believe in the slavery narrative, and that affects them on a fundamental level, which affects us on a fundamental level…

Maybe some have read their Freud though for instance? He wasn’t so naive about these matters, as one might expect. Most of them however seem to believe in fables, at the highest echelons of society. Exile, the wound that will never heal. They seriously need to see a therapist. I will do the job for them! Jung probably had all kinds of thoughts like mine. Chabad and all the rest tell themselves goys are NPCs as a coping strategy- they can never admit to themselves that they could learn from their host culture, and that they live in our countries because we disagreed with the chosen people, and have continued to, for centuries, i.e. one of their foundational delusions, the inner demon they can’t face, is that the very countries they want to live in only exist because we rejected their way of life. This causes a lowkey inferiority and that’s part of the revenge springboard. Yeah we hate you, and you decide to live here anyway. That would make me neurotic too wink wink. Some major cognitive-dissonance among our supposed cognitive elites.

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