From Hodos the traitor – some of you must be on this pre-verbal level

That’s what’s funny about all this – 90% or so of people probably believe we’re living in some kind of dystopia, and they’ve believed that for years. And could you take a guess who’s mostly at the levers of power?

I know I’m asking for the impossible here, since deprogramming with many people is clearly infeasible. If you believe in the myth of “rich white men” ruling the world and oppressing everyone else you are not aligned with reality. That dystopia, the white men tried to stop, in the 30s and 40s. Most of the “white men” you know of have minds shaped by the postwar Jewish order. You want to know who creates the dystopia?

Notice how you can criticize white men all you want, and meanwhile…

You’re not aligned with reality if you don’t understand all this, and you are in fact participating in creating the dystopia which you rightly despise and want to do away with. It’s time to move on from the 40s, we’re still living there. We have to start over with a clean slate and wonder why we live in such a dismal time.

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