What would you do to see a couple hour video of me on a walk with a Chabad elder, just talking about whatever

“There would be rabbinical laws against that, it would weaken world jewry.” So you don’t want to talk about how it would weaken world jewry, Rabbi? Just the questions of a harmless goy with an animal soul, what’s the problem?

“So this is how WW2 started.” Questions similar to these that can’t be answered verbally, yes. It’s just like the Sassoons- keep doing business with us or we’ll kill you. Don’t let meek Woody Allen types fool you, that’s just another one of their decoys. They don’t want you to know the nature of what their real sharks are like. While I always hate to brag, I believe I do have some idea, and I think they’re afraid of people like me. I see it as a religious conversation. Don’t trust the postmodernists that tell you that it’s impossible for “Nietzscheanism” to exist, we’re Nietzscheans and we have a natural urge to hate thinking of ourselves as that- prots have their own set of neuroses. Chabad vs. Neech, let’s go. I for the hundredth time invite anyone who relates to their worldview to have a normal, even non-hostile talk about mysticism and political philosophy. You “can’t” have the talk because you’re a shady person, and that alone leads me to thoughts of violence against you.

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