I’m not sure if it would be good for your “brand”, I just happen to notice that all the corporations agree with pretty much every thing you say.

They’ve developed a method to pretend they aren’t one of the establishment. These are the ones who are best to be tortured to death, because they are aware of what they’re doing.

Never say anything about Jews! We’re not on their side, yet we support them every step of the way!

Disgusting anglos who should be flushed down the toilet with the jews.

Look at you, you believe in making people stupid so others who are also stupid can make more money and have more control.

“You’re just jealous of us!!”

That’s what you tell yourself. How can I prove that I’m not exaggerating about this? You tell yourself that. There are shards of the human spirit and Jews are one of those shards that constitute banking, monkey, I mean money, capital, shekel, and it isn’t clear at all that you should have any say in government. You seem like a clan that has only scammed people throughout history. Can you prove me wrong? I’m waiting for a book that even mentions the problem of YOU directly from one of your presses. What, you thought the War ended in the 40s. “We shot them more, that must mean we were right!!”

That’s what you actually believe, and that’s what all your beliefs and currency are based on. You jews were desert people, you still remind us of that. If you’re going to use your ancient idea of economics to try to control us then it looks like you deserve to die once again, for the more than hundredth time.

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