All the corporations want white people to die, we should probably examine that. Jews are mostly on the Nobel Prize list because that list was created by Jews. Did they create anything or were they just collecting interest on loans all this time?

Serious question. What I’d ask the Rabbi.

White people need to die.

Is this not your ideology you dead kike?

They want all white people gone, they want NIGGERBRAINS

If you are part of this program then you are already there. You are a chimpnigger, look at you, you have white skin and yet you’re still a brainless nigger at the end of the day. Look at you, you speak of those who control the world and then you are one of the controlled ones yourself, will you ever learn?

White people need to die.

“Explain that. I’d never say that.”

You say it all the time indirectly.

“No we don’t, we believe in the equality of jews whites browns blacks.”

So you think Jews will be very smart when they’re half-mud. Alright. And what’s the point of life? Not to be an animal?

“No, it’s to not be.. uhh braindead, which jews already are..” They want people to be as stupid as them, I’ll shoot you in the fucking head. JEWS are the problem. SHOOTING JEWS IN THE HEAD is the answer.

I relate to this when thinking about these ideas

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