Another day in corpsecountry, what a miserable place. Don’t you want the people who did this to you held accountable? “Did what?” Oh yeah, that’s right, how would you know?

To be fair, it’s the host’s fault for being so susceptible in the first place. “I’m still mad that you used Elvis to call me low-class.” Sometimes I wish women would post selfies of themselves with dirt smudged on their faces instead of make-up, it would be a more honest portrayal of who they truly are in many cases. Running water is so cheap in the modern age that the serfs are able to clean themselves and pretend to be human beings, such a nauseating spectacle. Just rub dirt on your face anon and post a picture, maybe I’ll see it.

Anyway, just starting my day on yandex in a chipper mood like usual

I think the peasantification of the populace has a similar causation. I don’t like to use the word traditionalism because people immediately fall deaf when they hear it. The cultural revolution buried the past, even among the elites. They could theoretically guide the masses according to higher values, unfortunately however they are mostly of middle-class and even lower-class temperaments, and thus they inculcate corresponding values in the people. I’d even make the extreme statement that the majority of elites have a low-class mindset and they just happen to be rich. This is because of their education. Some of them are probably of pristine genetic stock and have only been poorly educated. I hate to always bring them up, uh, you can’t talk about the national consciousness without talking about them. WW2 was traumatizing and we’re still living in its horizon, elites included. There’s a reason that anti-semitism arises in countries Jews live in. You can’t trust them, for one. The last 75 years have been about imposing the doctrine that people shouldn’t be judged. That’s poisoned everyone’s mind. It’s impossible to believe in higher values when tolerance of bad people is your grounding moral. As a result the elites (I call them plutocrats because the only reason they’re “elite” is because they’re wealthy) have appropriated values somewhere between the lower and upper class, and they consider themselves the upper class. Most of them have a serf-like mindset too, post a picture of your dirty face for me. That’s why they never question the state religion either. It’s a postwar Idea in the sky, and they are absolutely beholden to it. They are peasants toiling on its plot. Rub some dirt on your face and post a picture for me, I want to see who you really are.

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