I always thought that war was suspicious

I’ve posted before that it’s strange that the leader of the “Revolution” of 1979 had contacts with the US. Has it been a puppet-state since then? That would be the ultimate deception. Putin, Kim, Xi, we’ve seen speculation and evidence that they’re false-enemies, now I wonder about the Iranians. Can anything really beat Saddam being connected with the CIA though? I think that one takes the cake. That’s what Biden represents, those people that deceived you about that – what’s next?

Anyway, Iranian Revolution in 1979, then war begins with Iraq in 1980 – coincidence? That lasted eight years until August 1988. Operation Desert Storm? August 1990. They don’t get a break over there, do they? What was the degree of “~OUR~” involvement with the war between 1980-1988? As the jew-hater that I am, my first thought naturally is that it was all to destabilize the region for the advantage of Israel. We can’t even study recent history like this because we all have to pretend that they deserve a State, and that bankers and merchants aren’t immoral people who deserve nothing. “Haha”.

It’s amazing how we see all these classifications as normal

Just one day I want to go without feeling like I’m “living in the Matrix” – don’t tell me that Iran is a puppet-state too, don’t tell me that.

The allegedly Islamic “revolutionary” had contacts with JFK as well as Carter. The leaders of Iran today deny this and claim this information is fabricated. Speaking of state religions, Iran’s seems to revolve around that 1979 revolution, so this sort of info would be damaging on a sacred level. Thus we might suspect that the CIA would have motivation to fabricate such info. On the other hand, they’d also have motivation to engineer that “revolution”. I’m sure there are some classified files that could shed light on this. Two weeks after one of Khomeini’s still-classified documents, JFK was killed.

Imagine if we went to war with Iran and there was still information they were keeping secret from over fifty years ago! We’d have no idea what that war was truly about.

Remember SAVAK? The Mossad of Iran? That the Mossad actually was behind? (So was MI6 I’m reading now.) The question I’m wondering is if it’s similar to Putin’s statement that the KGB never really dissolved. 1979, did the SAVAK remain in power, merely renaming itself? They might have a problem like we do with our own CIA.

Frustrating to imagine how indifferent people will be in 2080 seeing documents declassified about 2020, and how important they’d probably be for us to see today.

The psyops they pull on us here are intrinsically connected to the Middle East, because they want the American people to be pliable and more or less agree with their foreign policy about that region in particular. In other words, if the riots were engineered (“were” lol), if the election was rigged, etc. it was a means to an end, it didn’t have to do with our country inherently, it was about Zionism. If you even bring this up you raise suspicions about yourself, so speculation is snuffed out. Whether I’m right or wrong about this, it’s telling it can’t be talked about.

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