I like the South Korean better than the Singaporean

This is a high-IQ theorization

He wants to prevent the Americanization of the Koreas and unify them.

He has a similar thinking to Dugin. If we think of Eurasia as “the civilization continent” it does seem that generally speaking there must be something about the North, possibly the cold weather, because I’ve yet to find a MENA thinker on the level of various Russians and this Korean. “Indra” calls himself the world’s best conspiracy theorist. He is pretty interesting, I have to give him that. Did any of you nerds find that technology I was looking for by the way? There are still potential books from the Arabic Goodreads that might be on this level, I just don’t know how to convert them from image to text. And nor have I found the tek to remove spacing in Russian PDFs, this is all very important for psychic escape from the US.

Anyway, here’s his theory about North Korea and the CIA. This is the operative he claims is involved.

Why is this important? Because we can try to anticipate how they’d deal with an exit-patch. We can also wonder if the people they tell us are our enemies are really our enemies, and if they’re not, why they would want us to think that they are. Probably something to do with maintaining an us vs. them mentality, thus solidifying allegiance with the real enemy that lives within our own country. Their evil is a lot more subtle. The Muslims in general, at least allegedly, have their suicide-bombs and beheadings, the Iranians and North Koreans possibly have their “frightening” nuclear programs, these are good distractions from “the invisible enemy” that operates in the shadows.

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