I was not expecting to find an Asian who talks like this

Don’t you just love to see Dead Jack talking about bitcoin all the time?

Anyway, I still haven’t seen Indra criticize the CCP, the Hakkas, which is how I found him, via one vague reference to the latter. I wonder if he’s a rare exception in South Korea and his fellows are zombies, I guess he did say that. Because it would be nice to find a place similar to how I described Iran the other day, where one can criticize both Stein and Li. What a dream that would be, because I’m seriously afraid of being beheaded in a Muslim country. Ketman regarding Muhammad would be a necessity, and that’s annoying. Is ketman required in some form in every country? It’s like the entire earth forgot why we’re alive. You really it’s to have thoughts you’re not allowed to say? “The forgetfulness of Being”.

Indra’s theory about the Protocols

This you?

Silly = ironic detachment, contrarianism that is safe in the “neolib” order and only bolsters it, memeing, etc. Seems like most people just give up and develop a coping-mechanism to feel better about surrendering like a weak-willed coward.

He has so many posts!

There might be lots of people like him in South Korea

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