No one talks like Indra

Have people like him been disappeared off google and yandex? They don’t pay as close attention to monitoring Naver?

Look how many posts he has on this alone

If you can find someone who is closer to a “Korean Moldbug”….

I’m trying to understand what would motivate him to devote so much thought to all this. It must have been the Korean War. He does with that what I tend to do with WW2.

He’s both an encyclopedia and personable

Wanna feel envy? Guess what the minority population of South Korea is. 3.4%. And half are Chinese. Americans and Vietnamese are tied for second at 7% of that 3.4% each, then the rest are pretty much other Asians. Must be nice!

Apparently he has lots of repliers to his posts, and being such a conspiratorial atmosphere some rumors were going around about him

I’m just telling myself for now that that’s just how goog-translate renders Korean into English and he’s not actually an autist who refers to himself in the third-person.

I wonder about cladistics in regard to Indra- is he some kind of secular Buddhist monk? Are there lots of people like him in China who aren’t able to have websites?

This is his “600,000” theory

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