If you want to understand the Trump phenomenon and the zealous detractors against him, you need to know that it isn’t what he says, it’s the implications of what he says. They can intuit the unfolding of logics. It doesn’t matter if you use optics, they can sense the next few steps, the ultimate conclusions of those optics.

I posted an image before as an example of the kind of thing me and my old “clique” use to post back in the days before Trump

This is the kind of thing you get if you develop the logics of Trumpism. Is he a normie republican? Kind of. There’s a grain of truth in republicanism that they don’t want people to understand. Because it would mean overthrowing “them”, on justified grounds.

The reason that there was such an immediate hysterical reaction after the 2016 election, is because they could already sense those logics lurking then. Maybe it was a bad idea for optics to have affiliated with Bannon at all? As I’ve tried to show before, it isn’t about Evola, he only directs us to the Axial Age, orthodox Hinduism, and the like. That’s what they’re afraid of when they hear Trump’s harmless boomerisms. It’s the UR. What they’re afraid of, they’re right to be afraid of, and I’ll tell you why. Back in those days with my old pals, we never expected anyone to be able to even run for president who was 5% related to our favorite thinkers, and their ideas were thus constrained in a realm of fantasy. Trump made those ideas more real, more possible to implement. Just being blunt, the ultimate conclusion of Trumpism is “110”. And that possibility seems a lot more plausible than it did in 2015. Four more years of him and it would likely be even more plausible, hence they use whatever amoral machiavellianism they need to in order to oust him. The options are either 110 or the country is going to be bled dead upon which time they will move on to the next host, and thus it will be a voluntary migration. Their target will probably be somewhere with more brainpower, given that mestizo-mulatto-whites aren’t going to be prominent on the world stage in terms of science and art, or even GDP in general, and what kind of host is that? “Ugh, you’re just useless now, welp time to move on, once again.”

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