This is someone who cares about his people

The will-to-know and Concern or Care are connected, and there’s a high likelihood that ethnocentricity is involved as well.

If you get as knowledgable as this guy is then you must really care, and you must really care for a reason. Probably something to do with the Korean War as I said. And, mysteriously, he finds the same people, the same minority, to theorize about.

The amount of times he uses the term “state-owned” is almost annoying- on the other hand it’s reliable sign that he’s not part of the NWO, which he seems to claim is strangling his country as well.

Remember that post of mine where I said out of all the many many countries in the world, very few would be able to even produce a “Dugin”? My first thought was Singapore- maybe they’re too consumed by the NWO, maybe I haven’t found the right thinker who isn’t “state-owned” yet. This writer we have here is a sign that South Korea is one of these places that is a (relatively) “autonomous patch”.

Can you name others? I didn’t expect South Korea to be one. What’s another that’s possible? Cuba? We’ve been restricting internet there, as if their own government wasn’t bad enough for them. I wonder if they have someone like this guy there? Who writes in an ordinary journal? You have to be realpolitik about it- Latino vs. Asian IQ. There might be someone like him, who knows, all I’m saying is that enemies of the US-establishment are only potential friends in my book.

It reminds me of Socrates saying that democracy is possibly the best political order of all because it allows human-types of ALL the varying regimes to develop. Because, for that reason, I don’t think America is a democracy. We haven’t reached total lawlessness, at least yet. Thus, there are these taboos against so-called fascists and the rest. In a real democracy we’d be able to have a say, some kinds of institutions, etc.

It need not be a regime of lawlessness either. Some of these Asian countries could potentially develop without our particular (ethnic) aversion to the baddies of the WW2 Mythos. Is it forbidden to talk about the things this Korean talks about where he lives? I haven’t determined that yet. It seems he must have developed in a place where the flourishing of that human-type is if not facilitated, then allowed. It is not allowed here. I said before that Israel is in danger if China takes over the world because our Abrahamic tradition is so alien to them. Same concept might apply to South Korea, except in its case, there’s no CCP. Yes, I’ll be finding out more about this country…

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