The bankers impose sanctions on people like me, believe it or not, they don’t want us having any kind of person they’re close to, they make sure thoughts like mine don’t have any fed currency supporting them. “You deserve to be alone for hating the ways of bankers!” Yeah, I guess a banker told you to say that? People who are like this act like they have dignity, it’s really sad. “You’re sad! At least bankers pay me with a wife and finance.” Yeah, that’s exactly why you’re a sad person. You keep making up all these excuses. The ones who agree with them have it easy, try admitting that in public to your capital-“friends”.

Who is right? The term “state-owned” isn’t bad. If the state owns you there’s a good chance you’re wrong and you want to acquire capital and status. “That’s what being right means!” Is it? Or are you just a sell-out? It does seem that you’re a soulless person, generally speaking. Maybe you’re the exception? I doubt it. Most people even reading this post are too far gone, they are the bankers’ bitch. What would you like for Christmas? To not be under the sway of the bankers? Nah you’ll probably request something more materialistic, because you’re their minion, why wouldn’t you? What I want for Christmas is a mystical awareness among the total population. And for them to see that if their conclusions “magically” align with the bankers’ they must have to rethink things.

Narrator’s voice- They just kept doing work for the bankers.

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