The realpolitik is that if you’ve ever said anything against me then you’re in the pro-basketball group. So you like watching basketball?

You’re either an imbecile who likes watching basketball or someone who’s deceiving themselves for lib-capital reasons. Which one are you? One or the other.

“Basketball isn’t for savages and proles!!”

You want the status of the present as a sacrifice for the status of the future. No self-respecting person likes basketball. What follows from that?

“I don’t know, I’m not a racist though. I love basketball, it’s noble.”

That is where the contemporary left is at.

What is something that black women are good at, uhh I’m having trouble here.. really.. so I google what they’re good at to get some idea, can’t find anything, then conclude, they do have nice asses I guess? So I guess my mocking version of leftism is that I think basketball is worth it because black women have big booties.

I love that big bootie when I know all it’s capable of is creating basketball players, mm mm, see the deception of the “left” here. Nothing is worth suffering through watching a basketball game. Sorry gurl.

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