I wonder if certain mutts have a war within themselves

Certain groups can’t kill each other for centuries without there being some trace left?

Probably causes mental illness in some cases, BPD? Even if it did I doubt speculations like these would be in the DSM. “Asking those questions is a mental illness ackshually.”

Anyway, just learning more about South Korea today

Protestant Christians play a very large role in the local political elite, who make up slightly less than 30 percent of the population, but almost the majority of the elite. In this environment, the level of support for Israel is very high. The rest of the population simply does not think about Israel

When you imagine a loyal goy you don’t imagine a gookyface, right?

Nah, if you look closely the Korean face tends to have more chiseled, noble features than the Chinese or Vietnamese, say. Remember that post about the Chinese sending all the criminals to Nam, resulting in an “extremely dirty and sickening” culture there? Possibly the virtuous Chinese have been migrating more northward? Korean pottery dates to 8000BC, you can’t expect to know the history of this place at first glance.

South Korea’s high anti-Semitism index (53 percent) was one of the most surprising results from a recent study by the ADL

Only ones who consider themselves worthy of world-rule are anti-semitic, it’s a matter of self-confidence, that many Euros have been educated to lack.

I love surprises, don’t you?

I wonder if this makes them sweat?

Guess who, mysteriously, isn’t on this list by the way.

(P. S. A Taiwanese Goodreads I’m still looking for)

This is strange, and might tell us something

South Korea isn’t on “Dugin’s List of Allies”, i.e. the enemies of globalization, which included China and Islam

Getting a more and more refined list. Still have to investigate more about Tunisia, which must have been “interloping” with Italy for millennia given the proximity, if I had to guess. Crypto-fascists in MENA – remember what the Hashemites of Jordan look like? The corporate media doesn’t want us to know that they’re bombing people who could pass as European.

Just focusing on our newest friend though,

Only one nation is allowed to be based on race, goy

An anti-semitic cartoonist for children?

South Korea is seeming like a worse threat than North Korea, from what I can tell.

So they control the publishing industry there? Hence Indra talking about state-owned books


More than ten million copies of the series entitled ‘Far Countries, Near Countries’ have been sold since it was first published in 1987, according to its publisher, Gimm-Young. The company boasts that at least one volume is in every home in the country of 48 million people. 

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