Finding someone by the name of Eustace Mullins translated on the Korean internet, a disciple of Ezra Pound

What it was like in the days before the internet

I like your book but we can’t print it … Neither can anybody else in New York. You may as well forget about getting [it] published.

Guess what this book was on?

Why would a book on the central bank of the United States be burned across the sea in Germany? It’s a mystery. Why would one find Koreans across the other sea talking about it?

From an interview with Mullins – asked about Israeli intelligence in the US

It’s universal. All the newspapers. Most of Mossad is volunteer anyway.

Most accurate statement I’ve read in a week.

He claims he’s the one who got Ezra Pound out of the lunatic asylum they put him in after his broadcasts for Mussolini during WW2, strange I’ve never heard of him.

This is real genealogy!

The Homer / Euripides / Socrates discrepancy is over who is the most effective resistance to this other intellectual lineage.

Mullins has some interesting looking books

Theoretical articulations of Pound’s dense poetry?

I had read almost everything Pound ever wrote, and much of Mullins’s own writing. By visiting him I hoped to discover exactly how crazy Pound was during his time in the mental hospital… On the first question, Mullins assured me that Pound was sane, and that he was a political prisoner who knew too much.

Nice to find another survivor of the second french revolution, thanks Korean internet!

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