Yandexing Mullins

There were other problems that Coleman created for Warner. One of them was constant demands for Warner to stop printing and publishing any articles or books written by me, Eustace Mullins.

Indra speculated about this too – that Coleman, the expert on spooks, was a spook himself – gotta watch out for that!

Who’s the real deal? If Mullins was a close pal with Pound–I mean, schizos might wonder about that too… Let’s just stick with one thing at once though.

So many enticing books by this dude

Half of these aren’t mentioned on his wikipedia.

On whether Coleman is a double-agent of the Mossad, here

I know we like to joke about our anon friends being feds–I wonder if any of them literally are? SMH. It wouldn’t surprise me, a few people. Mostly I think Mullins is shrewd to say that Mossad is mostly volunteers.

That article of Mullins I just linked to – you can’t get closer to the pinnacle of the pyramid, at least in regard to subject matter. One “freelance intelligence king” accusing another “freelance intelligence king” of being a covert operative… just wait, the next article I find is going to be accusing Mullins of the same.

From a reply to a post about Mullins

This is potentially even more significant for historiography in general than Saddam being CIA, i.e. was Stalin the absolute tyrant he’s portrayed as, or were there those above him who eventually used him as the historical scapegoat? Will that be the fate of America as well somehow? It’s not looking good for China for instance. They seem to have not much of a clue about 109. “The collapse of America was caused by Anglos!!” – a gullible gook of the future.

Another russkie

In addition, Eustace Mullins has written the following books. I have several of these books in my personal library, autographed by the author himself, since his books could never be bought in any bookstore of this “free and democratic country”, and I bought from him personally

I wonder why someone who writes about the central bank of America isn’t allowed to be read across the ocean in Russia!

Is he thee protege of Pound, one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, who the academy has been disappearing for obvious political reasons??

From that same post- redacteds of Russia, sent to the next world – sinister

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