Instead of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I’m going to write I Know Why the Rapist Kidnaps. Just kidding, I’d never do that. In a state of war though, that would be for the best for certain proud peoples. Unsavory sense of humor? I feel like I live in a constant state of war. I saw a girl’s profile earlier, her bio had travel and food, and my first thought was, aren’t you a simpleton? Then I thought, that actually sounds pretty good, don’t think about all the stuff I usually do, enjoy scenery and cuisine. If you separate yourself from the status quo you also lose some of the nice things about humanity as well, it’s sort of part of the deal. Even when I’ve traveled my head stayed in the clouds. It reminds me when I used to travel extra-dimensionally, sometimes I felt like I was sitting with ancient wisemen, and that we had always been sitting there for eternity. That’s also how I feel when I discuss the living overlords. They just see humanity as a board game. The difference between us and them though is that we’re part of the game, and they’re the ones playing, so it’s easier for us to be unconscious of what’s going on. See, I want to do normal human stuff, and here I am again talking about the same things I always do. They’ve probably rewritten history to such a degree that all of our premises are false, they probably laugh at anyone who speculates about them. One speculation I’m not sure they’d find so funny is whether they’ve genuinely kept up with the freemasonry side of things. Maybe they have, we could never know. I just suspect that they’ve lost themselves in pure finance over the generations, and they’ve acquired an arrogance that makes them deaf to priests, rabbis like Laitman for instance. That’s living in upside-down world when money precedes mysticism, and that would explain a lot of the unchecked depravity we see today. Who’s laughing now, it would be better for them to be some random bourgeois accountants than to have the power they do.

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