Madlad Laitman

After the article “The Threat of Destruction” they wanted to invite me to speak in Hebron. I warned that I would talk about Kabbalah, and everyone fell silent.

There’s a goyische equivalent to this too. Think about the time I said how sad it is that during all this mask-wearing, I’ve seen maybe 2 jokes about symbolic masks. So many missed opportunities. Qabbala is not allowed. Even mentioning the existence of Qabbala is not allowed. “Everyone fell silent” yeah right you’d get a shame-mob and you know it. So strange when you observe it anthropologically. Because Laitman isn’t lying when he talks about Kabbalah. It’s not a matter of deception, it’s a matter of telling the truth, that’s what gets you the shame-mob. Remember, they confiscated this book of his from the shelves- there’s a subtler way of “shaming”, a subtler way of “falling silent”.

Bnei Baruch, which he founded, has 50,000 followers in Israel and 150,000 around the world. It’s known as universalist kabbalah. So we can taxonomize these heebs- Shamir is a universalist kabbalist too, he’s different though because he’s a convert to Christianity, whereas Laitman finds reasons in Jewish texts to be a universalist. Hodos isn’t as easy to pin down – paradoxically, it seems his main gripe with the Chabad is that it’s too reminiscent of Nazism. Just some weird freaks in the world here, I hope I find more that catch me even more off-guard.

Laitman again – this seems true

Why are we working so hard to spread Kabbalistic information? Because when people read these texts, even if they do not understand what they are reading, they already cause the glow of the highest sources of light that govern our world. The increased luminescence of the Upper Light immediately positively affects the world.

Many different mystical traditions agree with this sentiment. With Kabbalah though it’s somewhat different, given the history of capitalism, as we’ll euphemistically refer to it. The Upper Light pertaining to political realities shines more strongly in the world when we study formalism and the influence of the Tribe.

There’s a biological determinism here- Jews will naturally gravitate more toward Laitman, and goys more toward Hodos. Laitman is more of a rabbi, Hodos is more of an anti-rabbi rabbi. From this goy’s perspective, lots of those “fables” I’ve been documenting that Laitman tells himself, which isn’t the case with Hodos. I obviously don’t entirely trust either one, I just find them useful for the time being for giving away secrets that are peculiar to their particular neocortex. Speaking Hegelianly, Hodos seems like the current manifestation of Geist in history. The plutocracy’s self-consciousness of itself. While Laitman is just a more candid member of the Chabad. Hodos is more consistent in regard to the exoteric doctrine of equality that they impose on the goyim. Laitman is more reticent because he is a Jewish supremacist. Lots of paradoxes here, because Hodos is arguably thee supreme Jew for being so explicit. 1490, 1492, a time for the schizos to look into.

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