Are you pilpulpilled yet? They always need to have the final word, and they pretend that the dialectic ends with them at every turn. One side of the dialectic isn’t even allowed to speak, only its supposed refutation.

I will tell you something personal about myself that embarrasses me, because I think it will help you understand economics. One way that I know I’m a prole is that one of my favorite memories of restaurants is getting free chips and salsa before the entree. What, they’re good? Leave me alone. That just gets me reflecting, because I don’t feel like a lazy person who deserves that fate, I don’t think my ancestors were lazy either, they worked hard and didn’t live off exploiting others. This seems to be one of the main deceptions. Usurers and merchants are the laziest people ever, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them for getting guilt-tripped throughout the centuries. Yeah I guess I deserve to have looking forward to free chips and salsa as my best restaurant experience because I like to learn knowledge for its own sake and dedicate myself to it (probably cladistically) rather than use others as means to an end. They don’t deserve Israel, they only want to have a state to justify their poor behavior because a side of them knows they’re guilty of it. They want to redeem their actions through the creation of it, and use goys once again as exploit-cattle. I’m not for that, I want to live in a high-trust society where people don’t use each other, where we care about other things than gathering resources, like knowledge. Being good to others, that’s the Christian way, and you’re called an anti-semite for that now because they control all the capital which they essentially stole from Christian people and thus can shape public-opinion about this theological dispute. Jews are bad people, they deserve to burn in hell, not have their own state.

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