I ask Naver about the Opium War and Sassoon to see if I can find an unexpected perspective, whether the opium made it to Korea and affected them too, and see posts mentioning those books Indra suggested

Apparently they’re really popular in China – can’t find English translations easily.

Then I see mention of this bank again

What is the FBI hiding about it?

Trillions of dollars? Some names that money might be connected in this hyperlink I’ve posted before.

The South Korean agreed with the Singaporean that China was ahead prior to the opium war. They’re still catching up despite that, what’s that say about “us”?

Not something you’d see on google (where the Sassoons are saints)

More dirt on these dirtbags

The bank was founded in 1865. A lot happened that year in the US. The Secret Service was founded that year to fight counterfeiting. It was the proto-CIA and proto-FBI, I wonder why they currently don’t want to release files on the HSBC now. Does this go back before Wilson and the Fed? There must have been corruption in place to even allow for someone like him to be elected. The Civil War ended and Lincoln was killed in 1865. Standard Oil was founded between 1863-1870.

Are those books even translated into English?

Is it a “conspiracy”…?

Here’s a post on HSBC from yandex now

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