Think of what the surveillance-state was put into place for through the Patriot Act- fighting terrorism. Now, these same people are covering for the ones doing deals with terrorists.

And they still are. You wanna talk about the State of Exception? They live in that. These are the same types of people that Hitler was against, and they’ve convinced you to remember him as the one who exemplifies the State of Exception the most. What we need is a temporary tyrant. Still hesitant? Think of it this way, want some relief checks during the pandemic? These people are sitting on trillions in ill-gotten wealth and they just let you all go unemployed during COVID and probably never even had a single thought about whether they should help you even if it wouldn’t really set them back at all, how does that make you feel? Ready for a temporary tyrant yet? If that can’t convince you, you’re probably hopeless. We don’t live in a democracy now, we live in a tyranny of clans, many of whom are cousins. Do you need ONE person doing all of it to consider it a tyranny? I don’t think so.

We’re getting to a point where the highlighted here is causing people less and less worry

This is our chance to finally, after 200 years, take him down after all his atrocities against the Chinese

That’s how the HSBC started, that’s his bank. With those origins in destroying a peaceful, prospering country with enforced drugging, are you really surprised that they were recently caught working with the cartels of Latin America?

Remember one of my posts about the grisly butchery of these people?

Have their presidente scared into silence, that’s what these white collar criminals are involved with. And they have the media here bribed to make you vehemently despise the politician who wanted to keep these banker-backed cartels out of our country. Great people, great people, upholding the Sassoon legacy into the 21st century. And beyond at this rate, given the gullibility of the American people.

It’s not even confined to our continent

Don’t you like to know about the history of the Sassoons? Kicked out of Iraq, and getting revenge on them by duping us into going to war with them. And the irony I always like to emphasize is that they were right to kick them out in the first place! So it’s an unwarranted revenge at that. They don’t care, they just want to plunder and plunder and plunder.

Here are some details on how they’re destroying Mexico too

Months ago I speculated about a potential connection between US plutocrat, the drug cartels, and the corporate media’s incessant anti-trump anti-wall invective, and now I find evidence of that, that’s nice, not like it will change anything, since four years of hearing that has effectively caused people to conclude that “the cartels are fine”. Bad for Mexico, bad for us, good for the meth-slingers and bankers.

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