Here’s a Syrian that looks like he’s living the life, at least at first glance

According to some estimates, Makhluf one way or another controls up to 60% of the country’s economy.

Which patches in the world are actually free from US control? It seems like Syria is one of the only ones, so it would be a “dream” to be a powerful person there, just sayin.

A decade ago he allegedly resigned and went into charity work. Did he? I’m trying to find out. When I was still naive about the Saudis (the dunecoons of the middle east if I had to choose one subspecies) I was looking up those oil sheiks, and if they’ve been involved with covert ops for decades who cares about them really? You just can’t expect good from them. For instance, if I was trying to find out some of their favorite obscure books? Who cares if they’re so close to the Mossad and etc., way to display your cretinous tastes.

I like his ominousness here

He’s known as Syria’s banker. One of the only people that’s challenging “them” in the world? I still don’t know what to believe about Kim and the CIA.

The following is from a history of the HSBC

Has Syria’s remained nationalized?

Apparently a lot of people hate Makhluf, I’m not trying to apologize for him, I don’t know much about him yet. Key enemies of ZOG, he seems to be one. Assad is his cousin and his brother is the intelligence chief in Damascus.

Living the dream if true

Syria is about the square miles of North Dakota, that’s how I look at it – as an autonomous state. At least when you don’t factor in the chaos there

It’s not pretty, at least it’s somethin. Germany definitely can’t say it has that much orange. Germany might as well be Israel at this point.

I wonder what they’re up to with the first one here

The top imports of Syria are Broadcasting Equipment ($577M), Rolled Tobacco ($339M), Raw Sugar ($152M), Seed Oils ($119M), and Wheat Flours ($109M).

Is it for the so-called “conflict” that the “US” isn’t responsible for?

Seeing more recent news, it looks like Makhlouf is in a feud with the president.

His brother Hafiz Makhlouf, head of the General Directorate of Security (إدارة الأمن العام), the Syrian FBI approximately, must be living one of the most exciting lives in the Current Year. I bet he has some stories about the Mossad, I wonder if I can find anything about that on the internet. They probably look at Syria and think that their work during WW2 isn’t over.

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