It’s another one of those people – he lived all the way to either 2001 or 2010

In the 1950s, the Nazi criminal Alois Brunner was unofficially called the “father of the Syrian special services”

Eichmann’s right-hand man, deported 129,000 people to death camps

He survived multiple letter-bombs.

Here’s another one, this makes me laugh

In 2008, Ashner was seen among the spectators of the European Football Championship , which caused a new scandal. Ephraim Zuroff stated that “Ashner is quietly enjoying life while hundreds of his victims lie in their graves”

Finding others that escaped to Syria and Egypt. What was it about those places?

There was something called the United Arab Republic between 1958-1971, makes sense when you look at this

Germans designed their secret services… I wonder if they’ve changed a lot over the years. They must not want people to know about these things I’m saying, because there are plenty of people in the world who would want to continue to work for their secret services if they knew they were remnants of the Axis Powers. All the zogjobs in the euro-countries to choose from to put your intellect into seem less significant. Even better would be an agency based near NYC. You wouldn’t have so much freedom there though, much higher chance of being locked up for your activities. Are some of my readers similar to me? The more I study the history of Jews the less I have any emotion at the thought of killing the ones alive today. The only thing that reading about these Nazi “war crimes” they executed people for at Nuremberg provokes in me is laughter. Besides that, no emotion at all. If 100,000 of them were killed by me personally I would be entirely indifferent. Especially when you think of it as these criminal bankers, how ordinary hyksos know all about them, not to mention the zionist atrocities, and say nothing against it. It’s almost like they’re just as bad? Why would we mind killing them too?

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