There are a couple ways to look at the idea of “declassified information”. The first sense is the obvious- documents that have been kept in fed vaults for decades or whatever. The next sense is the kind that’s in your own mind. I’ll give you an example. This must be a certain caste of people that is somewhere between citizen and fed- they will talk about the secrecy of the CIA, and won’t mention anything about the Israel side of things.

The nature of Being is that we don’t know everything. It’s only recently that most of our minds have been able to think about the Israel side of things, it’s taken decades. Knowledge unfolds gradually. This is a form of declassification. Because it’s easier now for us to look at the history of the CIA and keep in mind how certain of their activities affect Israel. The dupe interpretation is to see them as doing everything in America’s interests. Unless you’re some kind of history buff or pedant the chances that the idea of Israel at all crossed your mind between 9/11 and 2015ish era are pretty nonexistent. The normies only saw all that as about terrorism! or woketards saw it as about oil. This is its own kind of declassification, even think of it Hegelianly, it was a dialectical process to see through the media narrative, and the owl of minerva…

So, what I’m wondering now is about our actual involvement in the middle east. People talk about the Korean War as “the forgotten war”, what about the Iran-Iraq War between 1980-1988?

I swear to you I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m trying to work with the evidence available. The CIA recently released documents on our 1953 coup of Iran. Did we ever leave after that? The Islamic Revolutionary of 1979 had contacts with Kennedy and Carter- a year later a war began against Iraq. Did they engineer all of that?

I had this thought when I was learning about the feud between the president of Syria and the main plutocrat over there, I thought “Guys, just work together, that’s what they want, for there to be a schism to divide the country even more!” They create brother wars. That’s what WW2 was, and we’re even experiencing that in the US today with the white left vs. the white right. That’s what they do, they turn us against each other for their own advantage, when it would be better if we both went against them.

So, just a cursory glance so far, it looks like Israel secretly supplied weapons to Iran during the 80-88 war against Iraq. Was Saddam disloyal to his CIA-backers? Did he want more power than they thought he should have after they helped him get to his place as leader? Or was it more that he was geographically closer to Israel, thus they wanted someone who wasn’t them to weaken Iraq? Was the Shah before the revolution not privy to that plan? So they had to install a new puppet? It’s just such a farce to look at that war. Why are you fighting each other?? The enemy is that new zionist-entity on the shore there, did you forget? You could see a similar dynamic with 2016- pretty much all of the US was aware that the media is a bunch of crap, and instead of agreeing with Trump about this, they convinced half the country to all of a sudden decide that someone who calls them out is a satanic despot. Once again, “Did you forget?” So, for this reason, I find it helpful to study these other conflicts elsewhere in the world, because I constantly find parallels to what’s happening here. Goys are goys, they manipulate middle-easterners, asians, whites, and we can learn from those events how to prevent them from doing it in the future- that just relies upon us “declassifying” JQ-consciousness, and actual tangible documents about the activities of the covert agencies over the years wouldn’t hurt either.

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