There are ways to make Santa real, the ones that are possible now are restricted. Nonetheless, there are ways today that can get to some idea of that.

No one can even understand because they’re living in the third dimension. We’re trying to get you out of that here, trust me or not.

Natural psychedelics. Synthetic ones I’d be careful about, though those have potential if the right chemist was involved.

There’s an extreme level of conspiracy theory that even the natural psychedelics are grown by feds who mastered MKultra back in the day. This is possible, at least in my opinion.

The main idea to try to keep in mind is that there are different dimensions of consciousness, and the one we think of as reality is far from reality, and any equalist is part of this belief-system.

None of this matters, I’m trying to walk you through a delicate process that many get wrong.

If you want to know Gnosis you can’t just trip. You have to consciously devote yourself to religious ideas and sacred books. This gets to the problem of the modern world in general- excuse my french please, as always, there are certain kinds of people who simply need to be told what to do or they will live in confusion and ultimately destruction. Latin America, MENA, dirt-Italy, the misers of England, the half of the world that is the female race (you’d dare say WE exist?) yeah you’re similar to jews in my mind, would you preferred I lied to you? There is white male consciousness then there are the other really obviously stupid people of the non-white countries, and the females. Hey brown females do you have something to say here, or are you controlled like most everyone else? If you still have these ideas in your mind when you trip then you will still be lost, that’s a new form of MKultra.

The real way to destroy illusion is to realize that you are being controlled by people who have imposed a debt on you that you are not in fact responsible for. “You remind me of hitler rah rah rah”.

Just forget about all this, find a mind-enhancing substance that you least suspect of being one with the establishment, and think about things. And before you read that, force yourself to read books you know are right and yet don’t have the “patience” for.

You don’t have the patience for them. That is not a testament against them, it only says who you are. If you want to know “Santa” beyond the establishment you will find books like this, read them carefully, even forcing yourself to read them, and try a non-CIA entheogen to help understand, then repeat the process. That’s how to get free. For any POC, jew, or woman, that’s what I suggest as a white man. Do you need someone to pick the book and drug for you? Well are you stupid already, it’s obviously plural. Books and drugs, friends of course who are similar to you. I just know that YHWH was an important ideal in your life, and I wonder if you need guidance now. “A goy trying to make me hurt!” No, that isn’t what I am. If you want advice, that’s mine, very particular books and entheogens. I guarantee that anyone who follows that path will look at the present order of politics as if it’s some kind of circus. “Of course it’s a circus.” Did you even try the entheogens or books, friend? Or do you keep cycling the same thing you learned as a young one and refuse to mature?

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