The idea of esotericism in the way I speak of it can be understood through imagining a five foot tall elderly widow in front of you who has nothing in her life except her love of Jesus. You are going to speak differently to her than you’re going to speak with an irony-poisoned millennial for instance. You are nicer to old ladies, that is what esotericism is about. That explains priestcraft. Then you have the different types of youth that you must adjust your language to. The jaded pagans who only want to hit the snooze button instead of being disciplined and going to church on Sunday- you’re going to speak to them differently than you will speak to a well put together youth who is genuinely seeking knowledge and not bitter for one reason or another. My main point is that the internet changed these relations. I for instance tend to post as if I’m speaking to priest-types, not thinking about old widows, or maladjusted atheists. These ones should only be spoken to in language that is appropriate to helping them. If they hear too much parrhesia they will turn to despair or further destructiveness. Only sadness and revenge you can expect from these types, and that’s close to 95% of the population who should be spoken to exoterically. Even among that fragment there’s confusion- yeah you disagree with me because that’s what we do here, that just means you’re my friend, or my nagging girlfriend. It isn’t the same as if the youth disagrees however. You probably already understand at this point, unless you’re a jaded teen, a gentle old lady? Different people need to be talked to differently, and the internet makes that more difficult than usual.

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