I wonder what this is about

Then the Netherlands has the least bad trips.

I’m laughing, even when bad trips are probably the closest thing to experiencing actual Hell.

So many countries seem to be behind the times regarding entheogens. I’ve linked before to how there’s an underground DMT culture in China, so you could never know. I think of it as similar to asking some foreigner, “You never heard of Descartes, bro?” – They’re behind the times in multiple ways in terms of consciousnessness-expansion. We export the worst of our culture to them. Corrupting TV series, synthetic heroin. I wonder to what degree they’re influenced by our bluechecks’ political correctness. “That’s the West”. Similar to how you see Asians putting PhD at the end of their names, their parents told them that’s how to be recognized as a real person. No, we have our own “underground” here.

You can think like the CIA without having their worldview. In many cases, the leaders of countries are ignorant to the nature of mind-expanders themselves, so you’d have a slight period of time where you can smuggle certain books and chemicals in before they start creating laws against them.

Even someone like Spinoza, such an innocent title on the store bookshelf, “Ethics”. And that alone could cause a revaluation of all values in somewhere like Indonesia. When you think of charities you tend to imagine donations for the end of curing diseases. I’m always concerned with mental diseases. The CIA probably had good intentions in some of the countries it destabilized. I wonder if SMILE was ever on their agenda, or were they always focused on democracy and human rights? It begs the question of what one would use the human rights for. Gnosis is probably pretty high on the list. Imagine a crowdfunding operation to send crates of Spinoza books to Thailand or something like that.

With all the ways that people alter molecules now so that they can get away with selling legal “research chemicals” online, I can see some philanthropist creating “nootropics” which are really a light psychedelic, and selling them to certain countries. “What’s gonna make me money though?” I’m not thinking of it that way, Spinoza and psychedelics aren’t going to make you money, they’ll just make people more aware of the world. Instead of the Opium War, the Mescaline War.

This is similar to how they confiscated those Laitman books off the shelves. “No god-consciousness for you!” Same could be said about philosophy books in certain villages of the middle east for instance where the only book they know of is 1001 Nights. Philosophy is god-consciousness in the rational sphere, people like Laitman are god-consciousness in the political sphere, entheogens are god-consciousness in the mystical sphere. And they’re all connected. I imagine “care boxes” containing all three being dropped by parachutes onto remote villages. They expect to find food in there lol these might be better than food. No one wants to fund such things. It’s like the left’s preoccupation with “free medicine” – what about medicine for the psyche? Their concern is confined to the material realm. Just goes to show that they need care boxes dropped on their own porches. It’s the end of history, ignorant, pre-rational, pre-political, pre-mystical hedonism, let’s propagate this to the rest of the world now.

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  1. Shrooms, mescaline, peyote, salvia, DMT toads – Mexico has them all, but it doesn’t seem to have done them much good, otherwise why would so many people be so desperate to get away from the place?


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