Any Jünger stans in the house? I never thought to look him up on the German internet, and see what his home country thinks of him. Even his wikipedia page there is worth looking at. I was hoping to find hyperlinks on that to works of his that I’ve never read a description of. He’s one of the only right-nietzscheans of the 20th century. It looks like there are a ton of secondary texts on him in German.

I wonder if this one is any good

What we know of as the recently translated “Paris Diaries” here might have a sequel?

Speaking of alternate histories, Jünger occupied the very country that would after the war be known for its “Nietzscheans”. A German version of Deleuze… I hate that so much that doesn’t exist. Not yet anyway. The rhizome is such a product of the postwar context. How about the opposite? Ah right, that’s fascist, and that’s bad.

This putz went and worked with Adorno in California of all places, that’s too funny

Yeah I’m finding lots on Jünger on German google that I don’t find on anglo-in-the-dark google. Now I’m wondering again also about secondary texts on Evola that could be found on the Italian internet. Not many of the calibre of these two survived the second french revolution. Those “war criminals” I posted yesterday somewhat jokingly, those are just killers, not thinkers. If the Nuremberg judges were wise, these two would have been among the first to be executed, for that reason (Heidegger goes without saying). Missed opportunities!

See, this one isn’t so easy to find info on using eng-google

Most important, however, is the new diary that Jünger began on March 30, 1965 and continued until shortly before the end of his life. It appears successively in five volumes between 1980 and 1997 under the title “Seventy Gone Away”… Our author is now increasingly appearing as a critic of civilization, world traveler, entomologist, cultural scientist…

I’d like to hear the old man’s musings.

Sort of sequels to Storm of Steel? War time / peace time, same guy?

A couple descriptions of these volumes

these are stylized records, a mixture of detailed everyday observations, travelogues, dream reports, aphorisms and philosophical sentences

one could very well understand how the crystalline intelligence of the old had developed from the fluid intelligence of the young

I’d like to see if he develops his thoughts on nihilism in particular.

Material for historiography?

Judging by my time on german google so far, they’re still not too fond of him over there.

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