I kept that Persian page open, the one I drew from a few days ago that casually mentions the follies of hollywood and our banking system, and I found this counter-intuitive to read, given our stereotypes about them

I wonder what “we” allow, what “we” honor from there in terms of cinema

French involvement? Gross.

Without even watching them, these are probably Western movies, right?

Heh, The Salesman is based on Arthur Miller’s play..

A Separation? This is just blatant – first line of the plot synopsis-

Simin desperately wants to leave Iran


Their exoteric idea of “diversity is our strength” never stops being funny to me.

Why would this one Iranian I quote initially be referencing Aristotle?

(Sasanasians – 224 to 651 AD)

What the corporate press wants us to believe is that Aristotelians would be beheaded over there.

The movie “King Suleiman” this Iranian above endorses. What’s that? Looks like it’s a movie about King Solomon from the Quran’s perspective.

Distributed by… Farabi Cinema Foundation??

Can we just get an alternative to hollywood for once please?

This director,  Shahriar Bahrani, has also made a movie about the Quran’s version of Mary.

Theocracy meets high-technology, that’s what I want to see

The school of religious cinema, which can turn revelation into the language of nature, is slowly taking shape… From another point of view, Malek Soleiman’s cinema is the beginning of the road, and that is the courage of Iranian cinema to move towards great cinema projects.

Aw man, that’s the end of the article. I’m not bothering to read eng pdfs on Iranian cinema, that’s why I lament this. Heh look at his endnote

Modesty, dignity… A lot of the controversy in the middle east, lowkey, is whether all the muslim daughters should turn into the busted sluts like we have in America, oops did I say that? It’s true. After 5 partners will you ever know love or be miserable for decades? Some of these floozies are at 100 bodies, no love possible for them whatsoever. Yeah I’ll learn from the Muslims, can you blame me? All they can do is screech in denial and try to infect other women to be the whores they are so there’s less of a contrast to judge them according to. That’s one of the meanings of ZOG- Total Slutdom and the disappearance of love. I hope to find Iranian movies that parody all this and more, I’m praying, there must be a list of anti-western movies out there somewhere?? If we’re too skeptical for God, I like to believe that Art can still save us.

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