Da boyz don’t want to admit that it was all potentially a designed psyop

Noooo not some of muh favorite movies, desensitizing me to being fine with my enemy’s wars.

That’s close to blasphemous in our time with certain war movies. “You better not say that.”

“War is cool, it’s fine if Muslims die.” – you can’t deny there’s something like that going on. Is that going to stop me from having nostalgia about some of these movies? Meh, no. The Iranian I read the initial statement from probably has a point though.

Keep idolizing the Russians instead of them just because they have turbans

We have the same enemy, we can learn from them. Wouldn’t you like 5 or maybe 20 movies starring Arnold from the old days wherein he brutalizes the real enemy? History isn’t over, we can create a new industry like that. “Aren’t you a dreamer.” Yeah, I am. Problem?

Clicking links on the parsijoo.ir engine looking for inspiring cinema of said nature, I see this theme again, which seems more and more like a casual understanding over there

What that Korean refers to as “International Jewish Capital”. The US isn’t the peak of the world if most people here don’t see that.

Here’s a good post so far. The Marxists here are so phony to never speak about all this

Think of the Trichotomy – you’re not going to see an academic paper like this

Religious? National? We’re living in an atheistic cosmopolitan regime, and thus, the high IQs will be funded to support it. Seems different in Iran. Think of me as being in the mining business. I look for concentrations of anti-cathedral ore in the world, and this particular country seems to be conspicuously rich in that. It can be refined (translated) and made into metals to fight against, as one of the ones above put it, the international gold and silver gangs who control a good deal of the world’s other intellectual mining operations.

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