Did they delete my favorite page of his off the internet now too?

It hasn’t been working for at least a few days now.

They want you to be asleep. This isn’t just a “stage”, they want you to be asleep forever. Disappearing their most articulate enemies is one of the main ways they do that. People who tell you cancel culture isn’t real are mossad volunteers.

I really like the idea I’ve brought up a few times, that I think is the ultimate refutation of these people- that if they knew how to respond to those who disagree with them, then they could easily write a PDF under a pseudonym. And no such PDF exists! They don’t know how to respond. When they remove people like Land and Dugin’s websites it’s because they know that they don’t have an answer to the questions they raise. Let’s go Bilderberger, show me a PDF, you don’t have to attach your name to it, what’s stopping you? That they don’t, and can’t, is only conclusive proof that their operation is deceptive at its core. The plebs, enlightened and otherwise, are just supposed to “trust” them, have “faith” in them, that they know what they’re doing. You don’t know anything. Can you imagine Dugin in a live debate with Zuckerberg? Or some banker? It’s not even funny to imagine, I just pity how pathetic they would look. And yet they’re the ones who Decide. The only option when you’re dealing with people like this is a violent uprising. What option do you see? “Tr-tr-tr-trusting them.” They want you to be snoozing while your eyes are wide open going about your life in the workaday world, and they’re mostly effective, and they only plan on being even more effective. They don’t want to have to deal with deleting websites because of this neo-gutenberg pest called the internet. There aren’t going to be people who would say anything that would disagree with them. Show me a PDF, what’s stopping you. Justify with rational language why we should trust you. You should be able to do that if you’re able to justify it to yourself. So? One of the problems is that they surround themselves exclusively with people who share their premises, and thus are out of their element when someone disagrees with them. You’re friends are as stupid as you, huh? Good thing you’re rich, hopefully that makes you feel better about that. Go hug a moneybag and cry then try to get back to me.

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