Another potential friend?

Lebanon is going to be like Qatar. On the surface it doesn’t seem controlled, then eventually you find signs that it’s bought and sold. No, I’m suspending my judgment.

Honestly, people who live in “US”-controlled places just tend to be really boring people. That’s what all this has been about since the beginning. Lebanon has the square miles between Connecticut and Delaware, is there a patch of land with actually interesting people on it who aren’t all uniformly the same braindead retards we find on “US”-controlled territory? I’m not getting my hopes up, I will try to find out though since I’m so sick of all of you.

Some statements I find about a couple other potential allies while looking into Lebanon

Ideally speaking, in a time like ours, “country hopping” might be best for Knowledge. You want to surround yourself with people who are not controlled and have their own free thoughts. Problem is, precisely countries like that are going to be the main target, to be bombed into being like Biden essentially, that’s what the establishment already is, what do they really disagree with him on at the end of the day? They want all countries like that. So, for instance, if we were to discover that Lebanon is the place with the most freedom of thought, and it started getting too chaotic there because it’s therefore such a target, then on to somewhere potentially like Tunisia, if the conditions there would facilitate genuine non-zog conversations, which is what we’re after, at least I am, I know lots of you braindead ones are content on your SSRIs and whatnot because you’re beneath human dignity. There’s zero doubt about that, none. No humanity to recognize there. Some places in MENA, some places in Asia, might be different. That’s what I’m looking for, to construct a theory of potential nomadism, for the sake of philosophy, because remaining stationary in corpsecountry is not good for that, and I have yet to determine where is ideal outside of here, and whether I’m even able to travel to places like Iran as a cursed American. “Why don’t you just move to Russian?” Because the more I study it the more it seems controlled. There are signs it’s less controlled than the US though. Lots of interesting people on yandex. Can’t say that about google. Imagine a fragment of land somewhere the sq mi of Rhode Island where people are 0% zogged, that sounds like a paradise to me, and I ceaselessly try to find such a sovereign zone in the world.

See how this happened recently? Another one to cross off the list

Who doesn’t put up with any of their nonsense, that’s what I want to know, those are the kinds of people I want to be around, for the sake of intellectual hygiene.

See all the options we have? This list was created by their intel services

I’m not having any illusions here- “ignorant camel-riders” are not a pure myth of propaganda, I want to avoid those too. Out of the 41, who is zogged, and who is too ignorant to bother with? These answers aren’t so easy to determine. What is increasingly obvious to me is that if you believe that the US or a European country is the best place to have conversations, the chances are, you’re one of the ones who would only make me stupid if I talked to you. I don’t want to be around people who make me stupid because they’re so stupid themselves.

Think of how I occasionally hyperlink you to an interesting writer from the MENA world. Imagine if it could be so simple that I could post a map with varying percentages of interesting people by country. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. People who have been aware of “the Synagogue” for decades. I don’t care if they wear a turban. They discuss the actual powers of the US more than the cyber-right does, some of them. And then you have the left which is so brainwashed by said powers that it goes without saying that you’re not going to hear anything nuanced from them.

One insidious method of control I noticed recently is that you’re not going to find people from these countries on social media per se. What they’re taught as normal in school gets you banned from western websites. Even though they might have a more clear awareness of what’s going on, they’re getting banned for it, and thus have to participate in ketman like any other western peasant.

I don’t know if this is such a bad thing, if true

On the other hand, I read recently that that HSBC bank funded Hezbollah. And also that Thatcher supported the supposed revolution in Iran in 1979.

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