Lebanon is another one that’s “too obvious” to wonder about, like Mexico was for me, months ago

How does that work anyway? I don’t quite understand. Is it that it’s so prominent that it’s invisible? Boggles the mind.

How can I get in on this axis?

The more I wonder about it, it’s a serious question whether most in the US really disagree with Biden at all on the fundamentals. What does that say about you? It’s only surface disputes, most believe in the same state religion. Nice symbol for you, an imbecile with dementia who is controlled by capital in various forms and pretends to be independent. How are you different, I really wonder??

It makes sense why so many would be like him. The alternative is so dehumanizing. The thought that fewer than 5% of women, browns, kikes actually have souls, not many want to believe that. They worship a collective delusion for their own self-esteem. You think I’m mean? How about you give me a sign sometime that you actually have a soul. I don’t see many of those. People like to pretend they do, when in reality they’re merely rephrasing into their own words what they have been conditioned to believe. You can fool the idiots you keep around you, you can’t fool me about that, what you are. It is automata that is not self-moved. IT. Objects. So you have a name? And that makes you special somehow? No. The minority who have souls need to get away from the automata before they are further contaminated. I have no incentive to lie to you about this, it only makes people hate me. So few people are actually human beings, mostly the non-white males that everyone reviles so much. That’s precisely why they are reviled. The faintest glimmer of fleeting thought that is able to cross their minds is rage at the fact that they weren’t born white males. You don’t have a soul, and your rage isn’t going to change that. In fact, your rage only reveals more evidence of your lack of soul. You are no different from Joe Biden at the end of the day, though you may attempt to signal that you are opposed to him. You are not. Just a corporate whore with your own special brand. Keep telling yourself you’re something different. Meanwhile me and my ilk will try to formulate how to not turn into automata like you are, Joe.

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