Exitology – Lebanon

Another noor-book I’d like to find an OCR scanner for

Here’s my problem- I find patches that seem like they might facilitate a healthier psychology, where I can live more authentically without feeling demonized for my convictions, and then I almost always find ways that these places are potentially part of the NWO, causing me to contemplate the futility of migrating there. Hence the impulse toward a station in orbit, seastead, etc.

This is the kind of thing to study in order to understand if it’s secretly occupied already

I was hopeful for instance about Qatar for a while there, and I’ve only found more and more evidence that they have shekel signs for eyes there

They seem like they’re on the way to being the next UAE and Bahrain. Is Lebanon different? Are they really a puppet state of Hezbollah/Iran? If they are, is it safe there? Because relative peace is required for optimal philosophizing too, besides the general political climate of a given country.

I would like to prove the heretic of NRx Collen Ryan wrong who declared that “there is no fucking Exit”. If you think of Rousseau, he had places to take refuge in Europe itself. People who partake of a similar spirit to him don’t have an option like that these days to travel somewhere that is optimal for conducting a revaluation of values. If you don’t see that I’m the second most scapegoated person around after Trump I don’t know what to tell you, I’m simply seen as so Satanic that people hesitate to say my name when they take revenge on me, and this has been ongoing for years now. I’m not interested in being among people who behave in such a manner, it’s primitive and desperate, I don’t even want to breathe the same air as you, hence my lunar base formulations which you know at this point I don’t have a trace of irony about at all, I look down on Americans as some kind of species of sickening bug that I don’t even want to look at. If I can find an improvement in MENA then that is where I will be going. Unfortunately I always find signs that the places there are not ideal either. Lebanon isn’t looking so bad so far, I’m just cynical at this time and only expect the worst. Wouldn’t you like me to inform you one of these days that I’m working with Hezbollah and if you have the right vpn you should click this link and learn how to escape the US like I did? That’s ideal. Remnants of the axis powers in the world, those who fought the forces of leveling that take the guise of nice-sounding names like progressivism and “peace in the middle east” stfu I’ll slap you. I know what your scheme is all about, and I’ve systematically refuted it a hundred different ways and all you can do is flail around and never address my arguments directly because that is how truly pathetic you are. No, I don’t want to breathe the same air as you, I don’t want to live in the same country as you. If shame could walk, that’s what you are. Just because you have millions of people exactly like you telling you that that’s not what you are it doesn’t change the reality of it.

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