I see this and think “Is your father a scientist?” – is this abnormal?

I try to find something Nietzsche said in his Zarathustra notebooks and I notice how the progs have translated him for a feminist readership

I ctrl+f ubermensch, overman, superman, then remember this most recent “standard” translation. Americanizing him has been going on since the time of (((Kaufmann))), this is just a more extreme form, that reflects the times.

Ah anyway, I found what I was looking for in the BGE notebooks

Everyone who talks in the world, at least when they’re young, is participating in eugenics. There are certain forms of beauty that are dysgenic that have an evolutionary tactic of tricking people, which is why I have that natural thought about a family of scientists, which is one of the refined cladistic types of priest in the modern era. It’s just on the surface, and that’s how they’ve managed to reproduce themselves into the present, through an illusion of worth. Many guys will say, quit fooling yourself, you know that that’s the main value of a woman. I don’t deny that exactly. There seems to be a trick though to avoid. There’s a beauty-capital alliance and a beauty-religion alliance. And there’s the teeming hordes of ugliness that constitute the majority. That’s what I mean when I say that everyone is some kind of eugenicist, no one wants to have their future reincarnation be half disgusting prole. Ideally. Unless of course one is living in a time where status is accorded based on a reverse-rangordnung. “The last are first and the first are last”. Even then, do people really want to have a peasantkid? Even pious Marxists have this cognitive dissonance that they try to juggle. Obviously wealth attracts beauty, so you’re going to have that kind of caste of woman that is the product of that, and that’s what wondering here- is that a trick? Merchant genetics with a distracting surface of beauty. Honestly just my taste, I’d prefer a 7/10 with religious-intellectual genetics over a 10/10 with buyer-seller cheapskate (as I see it) genetics. Just saying, just saying. This is one of the ways that the “bad people” of the world replicate themselves. Women are pretty simple creatures, if you’re rich then they don’t really care how you got that money. So corrupt people use them to create beautiful offspring, which carry on in the world with the crypto-screwery attitude, which people like me are vehemently opposed to. I don’t know if I’m a priest myself, because I don’t really have that type in my family either, these are just my observations. People who are all appearances and there’s nothing substantial spiritually, there’s lots of those in the world.

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