How they want me to perceive myself

Meanwhile, what people do I worship (this never gets old)

The mentally lazy and dishonest ones, I can trust your perception of reality, huh?

“Being white is about being modest, you snot.”

“For Christmas we want to immanentize the eschaton so all people feel one with Christ, everyone except you.”

You’re in a lunatic cult, there’s nothing righteous about what you do. There could be, you’re just excessive about it, do you not believe that excess can exist?

In the real world, women, jews, coloreds, they’re all my humble servants. In upside-down world they convince themselves of a relativism of spirit. You can convince yourself of that, it doesn’t make it true, that life would be objectively better for both of us if you simply admitted your place in the world and learned to follow orders with obedience. People see my as a cartoon character for saying that, yet it’s 100% true. House-dusters, shopkeepers, plant-foragers, the light in your head is out, and it was never on. The spark of humanity that you do have you only use to denigrate your betters, i.e. me. This is what I mean by excess. You should use flickering spark to cultivate yourself instead of rationalizing why you weren’t born a white male. You should try to emulate us, then maybe one day you’ll have a patch of your own. I’d like to see that triumph of ingenuity. A feminist patch, that doesn’t collapse in chaos within a century? Please wow me with that. A Jewish patch that doesn’t rely on foreign charity for decades, I’d like to see that, I believe in you lowly Jews, I really do. A brown people patch that doesn’t regress back to the savagery of South America or Africa? I’d love to see you folks do that without any white people’s help. Until then you have to lose the petty self-deceptions you tell yourself about being oppressed here. You were born with only a fragment of humanity, and you should be thankful you were born at all. If you were born in a world where white people never existed there’s a 100% you wouldn’t even have electricity right now, and you’d probably be smellier than you already are now. So next time the resentful thought crosses your mind that “I should have been born with a soul like white men have!” try to simmer down, and instead do something nice for your master, the white man, who created this world.

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