You think differently of Syria when you see pictures like this

People really live like this, they can say whatever they want about the “US” and live normal lives

47 degrees in January, 85 in August- the Israelis just want to steal this land, that’s what this is about. So Murdoch the VI can lounge on the beach.

Look at this, we could be one of these crosses here

“Freedom Coast” – infinitely more valuable than the American coasts.

Alawites – they constitute the ruling-caste in Syria. Are they like a Coptic, a Hakka, for our collection? It’s interesting to note that south in Lebanon is the only middle eastern state with Christians in their formal government. Can’t say that about Egypt, the Coptics are treated as second-class citizens apparently, and sometimes worse. We’re trying to isolate exactly who the enemies are of the powers that be.

Not to be a spoilsport, I found this earlier

Someone who tried to talk about the secret deal with Israel was “suicided”. This is a tycoon like that other one I mentioned, Makhluf, except this one exited to France, Dubai, etc. disagreeing with the regime in place. “It ain’t freedom coast.” I wonder what his reasons are for leaving.

Some details about the situation there (via yandex, naturally)

If you’re one of the only ones opposed to the US I’m not gonna say a peep against you, chemical attacks on your own citizens? I bet he had no reason whatsoever to do that, he’s a monster animal with no justification for that bluhblubbluh

All I see is a relative freedom patch.

Anyway, who’s this Mustafa Tlas? Anti-semitic opuses? Who would ever want to read those? What’s that, he started his own publishing house that’s been criticized internationally? Oy vey, that must mean it’s bad, the work of an evil devil man.

Wtf I love cannibalism now

I gave the Medal of the Republic’s Hero, to a soldier from Aleppo, who killed 28 Jewish soldiers. He did not use the military weapon to kill them but utilized the ax to decapitate them. He then devoured the neck of one of them and ate it in front of the people. I am proud of his courage and bravery, for he actually killed by himself 28 Jews by count and cash.

He seems like a cool guy so far. I wonder if his publishing house is still operating

He wrote more than 50 books – here are some of them – looks like a renaissance man.

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