This is where I am now, asking Russians what one Muslim thinks of another Muslim

Imagine being content with jewgling “situation in the middle east” etc.

I’ve just read a few places that Syria and Lebanon are “IOG” – I wonder if this bothers them too, even if Iran might be trying to help. “I don’t want either ZOG or IOG, just leave us alone.”

It’s so confusing what’s going on over there, particularly in Syria

This is an older map. So… we determined that “ISIS” was funded by CIAHillary&co., what that Korean calls “neoconbushpa”?

(See my post on the Kurds if you don’t know much about them.)

Here’s a post from yandex on ISIS that I’m finding amusing

Just one section of text out of many from that

Syria is the next Iraq, “we” just have a subtler way of going about it now since public opinion in general wants us out of the middle east. In reality, Israel isn’t only causing problems for the people of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip – Lebanon and Syria are also being treated as disputed territories. You might notice that poster doesn’t mention Israel or Zionism. That’s probably a blindspot caused by all those anti-semitic texts being put on the Federal Banned List of Russia I’ve showed you. It’s an elaborate theory he has, and he leaves out the most important part, and that’s what they want, to see it as “the US” creating ISIS ha.

Anyway, what’s a more recent development in that part of the world?

It seems that IOG is actually trying to create peace in the middle east

See the psyop they pull? A normal citizen who trusts the screens is primed to “instinctively” anticipate Iran being behind ISIS and terrorism generally. From another perspective, what the Muslims call “the zionist entity” is the terrorist.

The country is already fragmented. I wonder why it was so easy with Saddam? This is taking years.

It looks like a bunch of types of infection

Which ones are orchestrated by the US/Israel? Could we know until a few years after the fact at this rate? If I were to play “mindreader” they want to create a situation there that’s similar to former Palestine – yeah you can keep your West Bank and Gaza Strip for now, and guess what? We’re gonna keep putting pressure on you in various ways until you all flee to other countries, then we can have what was formerly called “Syria” all to ourselves.

That linked-to poster shows parallels to Ukraine too

Middle East, Middle Eurasia. And one might even seen what we call “flyover country” in the US as a sort of West Bank. That Syrian Minister of Defense from my previous post? He made the rare statement that “they” deserved their shoahs and shtetls. Looking at these different regions of the world they influence with their usury and bloodmoney, I have to conclude that he’s right.

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