First time I’m seeing this speculation

Ukraine, Syria, USA, we all have a similar struggle.

Thinking of the Eurasian front, I wonder about Kolomoisky’s ties with these ones

Chabad, Mossad, pronounce how those words sound- their non-whiteness is right on the surface, aliens who dress up to look like us.

The other day I saw someone say that their grandma saw Italians as only sort of goys. You can trust a dago on these matters or not, I’m the last one to hold anything against a super-purist. I also read that many Lebanese consider themselves a similar race to French and Italians, Meds vs. Aryans, and there is one Med that is the most conspicuous one of the bunch, we’re all a family in contrast to the rest of the world. Some of my favorite imaginary friends are Jewish. They know as well as I do that Laitman’s are unheard of, and they find this irritating, especially the women, because the Kabbalah has been restricted from them throughout history. All they probably know is the vague dogmas of Jewry, unless one of you has secret documents you’d like to share with me, the one goy you can trust the most, who has never, never used his verbal IQ to manipulate you. “He banters with us right after telling us he’ll put us in a gas chamber.” Strange way to look at the “Syrian refugees”- the countries they’re forced to flee to are a sort of gulag where they don’t have the freedom of speech to say 109 etc. Imagine if they staged anuddah shoah in China, sacrificed some of the normiejews, and then guilt-tripped them into an indebtedness like we have here – wouldn’t surprise me.

Anyway, another one I’ve mentioned before stationed in Eurasia, Bogolyubov

The Ukrainian billionaire was particularly impressed with the Chabad network of 4,000 representatives around the world – from Vietnam to Honolulu. As a sign of his respect, Bogolyubov set up a special fund. Each time a representative celebrates some joyous family occasion, he receives up to $5,000 from the fund.

Just trying to get some slight understanding of both the surface critters and their more obscure web of connections. “Money for my friends all around the world who hold the same belief as I do that goyim are animals.”

international banker noises

Remember, Bogolyubov gloats that he has citizenship in five countries. If you wonder why “the good jews” don’t call out their highly questionable coethnics, it’s because many of them in the back of their minds secretly harbor the hope that they will one day rise in the ranks to be part of the chabadmossad clique. “Maybe my pisspoor writings about how whites lowkey need to be ethnically cleansed will attract their attention, oy I’m tickled at da thought.”

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