I’m the only one who claims to know the true nature of Santa. There are “reasons for the seasons”, holidays don’t just materialize out of the mist. Yes, the “ontology of Santa”. Our political order only gives you the cheap consumer product, much like the way Christmas tends to be celebrated today. You’re just playing with plastic toys, while your parents, the Judaeo-Anglo alliance watches from afar, arm over shoulder, with vicarious joy. That isn’t a present, kid. Your parents are part of the consumerist delusion. If you want the truth, they’re a type of children themselves. The best presents aren’t material, the best presents help you grow up. If you’re able to look at corporate Santa, the enslavement of his elves, and the poor quality of the toys he creates in his workshop, then you’ve grown up. If you can’t do that then you’re still content with the no-effort gifts that you are unwrapping, probably because that’s all you know. We don’t live in a “brave new world”, a truly brave new world, most of what you get here is not an advantage to your spiritual life beyond the momentary and hedonistic. The actual present, many will not accept. What we have is a “puppet Santa” that was created by merchants who want to exploit you, and don’t care about Christmas cheer. The real present is uninstalling this puppet Santa and putting in his place someone who will make children wise. The adults who are content with the “holiday industry”, and the ones in control of it, are children themselves, and this is the early present I give to them.

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