Santa? Can we actually talk about what Christmas is for once? Only the best children will get presents, and that’s how it always will be. Hating white people is the number one way to insure that future-you lives in depravity. You are part of the consumer-holiday, there’s nothing to say to you, you are some kind of walmart employee who gets paid mostly in others similar to you telling you that you are exemplifying the human spirit.

The “voter fraud” dilemma is about all of this, they’re just the exoteric side. Biden is Israel and they want you to be dumb niggers, that’s the esoteric side, does that upset you? Guess what you voted for, to be a dumb nigger, which you already were to begin with, and now you’re just going to get even stupider than before.

The response from the niggerbrains- “It’s good to have no thoughts, besides saying that no thoughts is good.”

“We will support all kinds of bankers and piece of shit merchants to carry out this goal of having no thoughts!” – You really seem like a virtuous person..

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