What, if I suddenly say something you’ll stop being a LOBOTOMITE? There’s nothing that will prevent you from making people as down syndrome face as you. Look where you are, you look like a retard. “I have many people who agree with me” – yeah, you do have lots of retards who believe in your cause you retard. How does that make you feel, being called that? Does that make you lash out in revenge, retard? Are you a retard or something? So why do you believe in jewish capital? Is it because you believe that banks are the ones to believe? That does seem to be the case, and you are a RETARD or in other words white nigger, if you are believing in lobotomy. “I want people to not be smart.” So tell me about that, retard? “Nigger are good in society, like jews and potatoheads, we love niggers don’t we folks?” Do we? You seem like niggers to me. Justify yourself before the court, nigger. “I need bots, sell-outs, plutocrats, all kinds of things to believe in myself.” The truth is that you don’t have a soul.

Some women, jews, good luck convincing me you are a person. I motivate you to do that. “I can’t do that”. So, you’re some kind of nigger, with an opinion that leads to huts. “I’m a blahblah I believe in whatever.” So you are a nigger who will lead us to huts, Jews, whores, spics, niggers, all the rest. Look what crowd you are part of. I will shoot you in the head. In fact I am creating a film that will show your brain being blasted out of your skull in vivid detail, I hope you prostitutes of the regime will enjoy that.

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