You JEWS are in a place where you can’t disagree, this is where you’ve existed for months, and in some cases years. Are you alright, do you need an SSRI or something? “”Nazis”” “”fascists””” are just people who had a better argument against you that you had to influence the 95% of the world to shoot to shut up. If you are one of these, there are places to go. North, the cold. This isn’t the first generation we’ve done this. The bankers and those who control society not out of merit, rather out of undeserved wealth tell us what to believe, and we move north, this isn’t new. If you’re someone like this, I’ll see you there, whether in this life or the next.

Jew straggler reading this- “Anne Frank diary, we didn’t deserve to be killed” It’s obvious that you did. Your best option now is to hide and pretend that you weren’t part of the plot to lobotomize the goyim for your own goals. Otherwise there’s a very high likelihood you will be murdered soon. Bless every moment of every day, for it could be your last.

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