Fighting a war against an old old God. Would you mess with Yahweh? Most do not want to go there. What thrill you’re missing out on. I can respect Him for what He is. At the same time, his worshippers I perceive as, to refer to them politely, “stone age individuals” and one must deduce that that reflects His nature. We’re still in a pre-revolutionary society. Copernicus, Darwin, Einstein, they never managed to oust Yahweh with their theories. I never planned to myself, one simply does not mess with Him. The alternative however is to not mess with him, and I couldn’t settle with that. With most of these stone age individuals I’ve with less and less hesitance everyday concluded that neurophysiological reductivism is an accurate way to explain them. You are a child of Yahweh down to the electricity and chemicals in your brain. What a paradigm-shift would involve is that you’d be treated as defunct or obsolete, like technology from the 20s or something. Scrapped, recycled. Obviously people react to this with Whoa whoa whoa you can’t do that. Yahweh has been slain on the plane of Ideas, and that’s all I really care about, because that’s all I can do- if that is able to affect the material realm then great. I’m not going to expect the impossible from “last year’s robots”. You were programmed to be the way you are and a reprogramming option wasn’t installed with that programming. I can only hope that “something in the air” changes the next generations as the old robots gradually putter out. I broke the covenant with Yahweh because I guess you could say I saw an angel of sorts that showed me that He’s just a usurer, and a false God. He didn’t keep His promise with the Jewish people, he only made them depraved.

Anyway, just reading up on the Chabad again, and I find this person

Over time, the Chabadites began to trust a quiet, intelligent woman. She was assigned to print out specific materials not intended for outsiders. She observed the closed world of the Hasidic community from within

They tried to start a criminal case against her on the grounds of inciting extremist activities, merely for describing what she read of theirs.

This replier has a funny take on their sacred texts

Reiterating what they believe, how they behave, falls under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It isn’t much different on our side of the world. All I say are words that attack the “brain of society” and I provoke so many stone age revenge, castration, murder related fantasies about me. Can you yahweh tribalists at least like wear some proto-clothing made of flora around town, paint your bodies with clay and ash, maybe rub lightning bugs on your face, somethin, to resemble the primitives that you act like.

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