Not a good sign for Jordan

(Suleiman, that Egyptian spook from yesterday. Jordan, the place with those Hashemites.)

The global web of covert agencies. “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance. 70 eyes, 190 eyes. Who isn’t one of them?

Lebanon has three – I bet Mossad knows all about these

“You don’t want to join those people, just get on board with our equalism program!!”

No thanks, I’m looking for viable, coordinated, armed enemies of you people.

Enemy of my enemy

We might be able to speculate about “golden ages” in these two countries.

In Egypt of 1956, there was an expulsion of Jews. In 1979 they established contact with Israel. I’d like a nice USB with all the cinema from that time.

In Iran, the coup of 1953. Then, the revolution in 1979. 1980-2020, potentially lots of good media. Were they too busy until 1988 with the war against Iraq to focus on the zionist entity?

Something to keep in mind as well is that the citizens of these countries are not necessarily reflected in the words of their government. While they may seem friendly to the powers that be on the surface, public opinion might be a lot different – the Arabic Goodreads sites are certainly evidence of this.

They try to change their opinions subtly, as I’ve shown with the satellite TV channels that are popular in Iran, which are based in the UK and owned by Jews. Does Syria have this problem? Remember the Iranian government destroys the satellites and the citizens simply buy a new one.

This sounds sweet

“Sweet” – sometimes I wonder if zoomers think of me as a boomer for some of my jargon. The other day I wanted to say “boo-yah” and I was like nah that’s an outdated expression. I don’t care what you brats think of me, you probably think I’m joking when I say that I’d reinstate corporal punishment in the education system even on 20 year olds. “How’d you get those scars? It looks like you were lashed.” “I I don’t like to talk a-about it.” By the way, you didn’t deserve your self-esteem if I was able to take it away from you, that’s how that works. Thank you, I’ll keep it in a special place until you earn it back. Just kidding, here, have it. See, not so easy, you have to earn it.

Anyway, carrying on from my conversation with absolutely no one,

The covert agency of the Saudis was designed by the CIA in the 50s. Remember, Egypt’s and Syria’s were designed by Nazi escapees. Saudi Arabia, Iran, zogged approximately the same time. Saudi Arabia didn’t have an equivalent of the 1979 Iranian revolution.

This is harsh

they accused the Saudi regime of practicing “American Islam”

They must have bases like that study the US rather than Israel, given that the former is the latter’s cash and murder cow

They probably know a lot about the crypto-powers here. Imagine if they’ve been spying on the NSA, now there’s a notion. Remember that one braggart fed who said Snowden doesn’t know anything? Certain MENA countries are exactly the kind of people who might know something.

Look at all these different groups united against Syria

If they’re so nearly universally reviled that just makes me like them more.

I want to live in a secret base there

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