Found a Learyan view of color revolutions on yandex. One of the meanings of the “collapse of the USSR” was that the US acquired a monopoly on coups. So the Russians have probably been watching our involvement with other countries the last thirty years with a unique perspective in the world. Bitter, envious, many of them probably, they wanted to impose their ideology on the countries we have. “we” – so sick of identifying as an American. Anyway, from that article

You can be scared of spooks knocking on your door if you want, or you can see them all as having the beliefs of a pothead, your choice. Mannnn!

When I’m getting raped in prison I’m going to be looking back fondly on all this mockery.

Seriously though, study cases where “we” engineered color revolutions it’s disturbing how reminiscent they are to 2020. The last four years really, just 2020 most glaringly.

I read earlier how they know the results of the election in Syria before any votes, and it reminds me of a certain country. Can you guess which one that is?

If you think of the history of CIA interventions in the context of “amor fati”, there’s no redeeming the recent election. The shadow government revealed itself to be the most hypocritical power-structure in the world. They’re just going to continue as business as usual too. 100% unfazed, that’s just how they work.

Remember this post from November 3rd? All is still going according to plan

Isn’t it uncanny that they published this prior to the count?

Just normal. Truly role models to other nations! Sad sad hypocrites with pothead beliefs and machiavellian tactics. You make all of America look bad, congratulations, thanks a shitload.

Well at least it’s clearly dead now, there is that advantage. -the corporate press brainwashes everyone to believe it’s not dead after a year- Oh yeah I forgot you could do that–sly!

If going back to Babylon is too far out for you and you want to trace the immediate origins of the basic weltanschauung that works as the secret motor in people’s minds, the hippies do seem like the most accurate ancestor to isolate

The 60s in general really. Civil Rights marches. Immigration Act of 1965. Those and the hippies go together. What we see playing out today are the unfoldings of hippie logics.

Sure you could go back farther to say the very foundation of America. Same essential thing you’ll find there, and the hippies seem to be a vulgarized manifestation of that. Most immediately, people understand the hippies more than the english settlers vs. british royalty.

Why is that spirit vulgar today? Because (I’ve said it many times) they aren’t enacting a revolution against the actual powers that be. The actual powers that be manipulate them into rebelling against decoys in order to preserve their hold on their consciousness. The “cops” are the spooks, “Trump” is international Jewish capital, “systemic racism” is marginalization of those who tell you about how vulgar and mindless your supposed “revolution” is. If anything, what the english settlers and hippies were rebelling against, today are these very people who believe the identical things that all the corporations and professors believe. Yeah there’s been a deviation since even those stinky hippies, even they didn’t have that bad of a point. Now we have stinkier hippies who have thoughts that sound inspired from an even heartier bong-rip. Mannn just because I believe in every single thing the plutocrats want me to believe doesn’t mean I’m not independent…

Anyway found that article looking up how your slavemasters coordinated the Arab Spring, which led to us thinking Syria is part of the axis of evil woooo When in reality they and only a couple other countries have any kind of reminiscence to potential “1770s” energy.

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